The Centre for Transformative Social Change (CTSC)

The CTSC is a co-creative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach that facilitates citizen engagement in social justice and innovation by sharing knowledge and expertise grounded in the philosophy of transformative social change. It is a philosophical and practical approach that provides expertise, mentorship, collaboration, and real-time practice opportunities, focusing on increasing individual critical reflection, which can lead to personal and social transformation.

Our Vision: 

A community where everyone feels safe, respected, included, and supported through the power of social justice and transformative social change.

Our Mission: 

Working in community partnerships to:

  • Raise awareness regarding social inequality and promote social justice,
  • promote and practice mindfulness as a way of living and reduce the impact of mental health challenges,
  • promote restorative justice as a transformative form of justice,
  • raise awareness regarding microaggression, systematic racism, and all forms of biases and discrimination,
  • conduct scientific research and support empirical evidence to build confident transformative change.

Our Values: 

We believe in:

  • mindfulness practices to enhance mental health and social cohesion,
  • scientific research to face social problems,
  • creating a social environment that fosters justice, equality, respect, diversity, and transparency,
  • sharing knowledge and expertise,
  • community involvement in participatory action research,
  • social, ethical, and emotional learning (SEE).